Thursday, October 30, 2014

Work. We all do it. It's what happens after receiving your diploma. It is your income, it is your motivation, and it is what will further your knowledge through experience. Whether it will be a job at Mcdonald's or on the executive board of a billion dollar company, work is work. Depends really how you look at it of course. I see it as, how much work did you put into getting that job? How much are you willing to put into that job? and of course, how did you get that job. The difference between my definition and the others is that they are basing it of statistics and business assumptions. If I have learned anything from my Principles of Management class, its this; There are tens of thousands of business assumptions and many or most of them will fail. Therefore, how can we just say that foreigners are going to take our jobs? Because they are cheap? They are cheap because of the service they get and the skills they lack. If you get payed well, that's because you have skill, are well-educated and have motivation to improve yourself.

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