Monday, October 13, 2014

Photo Essay Reflection

Well, well... This was a totally new experience for me. I have NEVER done an essay where photography was the main focus. Make sure it's centered right, framed, etc... I truly did enjoy doing it though. I mean, my first idea about how music can help make new friends as an upcoming freshman was not a success. It would have been if it was a persuasive essay and with out visual context. So, I couldn't figure out what kind of pictures to take. So I completely turned the tables and talked about how video games are distracting to college students during school days. Now, I chose this topic because I had support for it by using my own personal experience to explain my accusation. I truly think it went well, although, I think I could of done it better on Powerpoint then I used Prezi because I thought it would be creative, since no one else did use it. Anyways, It was fun to do and I would recommend to do this to a class in 4 more years. I can tell this is an evolution kind of thing and that it is your theory that this is the generation to do it...But honestly, it isn't quite ready for our generation.

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