Thursday, September 25, 2014

My reading experiences

Well I will be completely honest. I don't enjoy reading. When I do read though, it's during the day when I am completely focused and my medicine for my ADD has kicked in fully. I only read when I have to study or its my homework assignment. I guess what is beneficial about reading is that I get knowledge from it and somewhat it relaxes me. But if you want to be technical about it, I really enjoy articles that are informative. I enjoy learning about king tut or what product placement is. I can apply this information from these articles or books to my daily life. Does reading tweets count? Because if it does then I would call myself a liar when I said I don;t enjoy reading. Maybe its because I hate long books cause I have no patience for them. Oh well.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

                                                           Statement of Purpose
            I want to convince unaware freshmen in college that the type of music plays a role in your identity. In hope that, they will bond with individuals who share the same interests as them.         

            The audience will be unaware freshmen in college because they are soon to enter college practically not knowing anyone or how it will be like.

            This will take place in the beginning of the school year as the unaware freshmen are beginning to look for a group of individuals with the same similarities.
                                                          Statement of Purpose:

            I want to persuade unaware freshmen in college that music can identify who you are and whom you associate yourself with. I want to encourage incoming college students to share their similar interests in music with their fellow peers. I do realize that music is not the only thing to base a friendship off of, but it does help to have the same taste of music.  Although you may not have the same taste in music as them, there may be other things in common. The best possible outcome you can achieve from having the same appreciation of artist’s is the achievement of finding your own identity as well as meeting others that share the same common interests. It allows for communication between two individuals. It also allows a good starting point for further conversations. My goal is to give incoming freshman an understanding on how much music is a value to them; therefore it will help me move on with my project and continue my research.


Thursday, September 4, 2014

Our responsibilities as bloggers, are to make sure you can relate to your audience as well as showing your own perspective of the issue.  It is important to maintain blogs as bloggers so that your fellow subscribers keep updated. Also, it should be a given that it is kind to be polite and respectful.